Conflicted Harmony…

The Universe exists because it is in conflict. The big bang was in conflict with stillness. Gravity is conflict. Each of our cells exist in conflict. But everything seeks harmony in conflict. Seeking harmony is a constant effort. But without conflict everything would cease to exist.


New sails…

The tree that does not respond to change of seasons will wither away and die. Yet you hold on to that which is long gone. Do not be like a ship trying to sail but anchored to the last port of call. Let your sails be filled with the changing wind and new adventures.


One of your greatest assets is your willpower, your decision-making, your discipline.

This is what we’re told. It’s also what we see. Most of us wouldn’t be where we are without hard work or ability to change our circumstances.

And so we come to expect that the world will always respond in kind. That it will do what we want. That things will more or less go our way.

It’s this, that makes a relatively simple and straightforward piece of advice so hard to accept. Especially when we’re young. Especially if we’re ambitious.

Acceptance. It’s just fucking hard.

Not just hard because it means tolerating things we don’t like, but because it feels weak.

Battles to fight…

Your struggles are lonely,

Lonely most of the time.

As I gaze out of window,

I see colours of Diwali brightening the sky.

And I sit there with my battles to fight,

Miss the time with family but

Have to digest that feeling,

To do what I have to.

Time is all powerful,

Said the hanging clock.

May be you are alone now but

This shall too pass.

These are your battles to fight,

Your battles to win over yourself.