She breaks my heart
Every moment
And waits
Till I put it back together

To break it again

I ask her why
She says
To remind me
I am alive

P.S – Not my lines… Felt to share…


Nothing to be afraid…

There is nothing to be afraid of. Ever. And reminding myself of my own death repeatedly over the
years—whether it be through meditation, through reading philosophy, or through doing crazy shit like
standing on a cliff—is the only thing that has helped me hold this realization front and
center in my mind. This acceptance of my death, this understanding of my own fragility, has made
everything easier—untangling my addictions, identifying and confronting my own entitlement,
accepting responsibility for my own problems—suffering through my fears and uncertainties,
accepting my failures and embracing rejections—it has all been made lighter by the thought of my
own death. The more I peer into the darkness, the brighter life gets, the quieter the world becomes,
and the less unconscious resistance I feel to, well, anything.

– Mark Manson

Absolute Vulnerability…

Surrender for once and BE fully who you are, in total transparency, absolute vulnerability, and without any armor. Even in the presence of those who you fear will hurt you, or who have already done so.

Once you allow yourself be in this open state, you will soon realise that what felt fearful and hurt was only the armor you were wearing, while underneath it all… there is noBODY to be hurt! Yes, I am implying that YOU don’t exist. In fact, who you truly are is the empty space within and around the armor, and so is everyone else!

Source: Collective Evolution.

Pic: Google.