Wait for it to be over…

There are some days

Lot of people around

But you are still alone.

Those are the times

When you want to be with your loved ones.

That could be family, partner or friends.

Even if no ones around there will always be a friend who never leaves your back.

What if that final support you had is no longer close to you.

Maybe there comes a time when even friends have to leave.

Maybe all we can do is to wait for it to be over…


Tends to infinity…

I have been out of touch with writing lately. Well in a way off track from many things. Been busy with studies or that is what I keep telling myself but seriously how well focused i am on it is a big issue.

Life has been bit too stagnant. But again I don’t know when was last time it was flowing, like everything was going as planned. Things worked out the way I hoped. I guess they never work, not just for me but everyone who ever lived.

There is this dream I have. i just want it at all costs. But don’t know if I’m able to or willing to give as much efforts as it needs. There is always this feeling of not being satisfied.

I’m behind on my reading. I have big list of books but have not started on it. I give myself reasons for not reading. And because I’m not reading there isn’t anything of value I can write.

I plan things but end up not implementing it or after a point find comfort in bed with some TV series.

I’m fed up with this cribing and whining, finding reason for not doing what really matters.

All I have left with is hope that tomorrow will be different and it’ll be all okay.

Again is it not something I keep telling myself to not do what is meant to be done.

It’s infinite loop, bottomless abyss,

f(x) tends to infinite….

First and last?…

She wasn’t the first one

He ever loved,

Nor will she be the last one.

He wasn’t the first one

She ever loved,

Nor will he be the last one.

He wasn’t the first one

To ever love her,

Nor will he be the last one.

She wasn’t the first one

To ever love him,

Nor will she be the last one.

Is it though? Or is everything lost in meaning?.

Cherish the time…

There are times when end of tunnel seems too far. It gets really tiresome. You are at point of no return. But also unable to continue.

It’s on such trying time that you find your potential. You know who you really are. You grow as person.

People like this feeling of being trapped in a way. Pain, suffering somehow gives meaning to life.

And in these tough days, something unexpected can inspire you and help you to cross the remaining tunnel. Sometimes it’s situation or can also be person.

Unexpected person at an unexpected time is treasure to cherish. Maybe you won’t be together for whole journey. But at least enjoy the whatever small time you have.

Gather the memories and move on to next tunnel to cross, next mountain to climb, next journey to Explore…

Journey is all that matters…

Still Moving…

We must be still and still moving
Into another intensity
For a further union, a deeper communion
Through the dark cold and the empty desolation,
The wave cry, the wind cry, the vast waters
Of the petrel and the porpoise. In my end is my beginning.
-T. S. Eliot (‘East Coker’)

What has gone, cannot be brought back; what lies ahead no one knows. But here’s hoping that you will step into 2018 with renewed vigour, optimism and determination as I will. Have a challenging, stimulating and satisfactory 2018.