The climb…

Today he felt strongly to climb that mountain which he used to see on his everyday route. With his all chaotic mind and lot of unresolved dilemmas at back of his mind he kept on walking towards the mountain. From station through main market to calm road, away from village. All of a sudden he was distracted by fire nearby. Kind of depressing vibes with it. Unknowingly he was near it watching it burn. It was crematorium, as he was standing there was big pop sound, May be of skull. It’s ritual to wait for skull to pop kind of closure. After that men pushed the remaining corpse in fire to burn to ashes. A man came to him and advised to not come to such places alone. He then turned back and continued towards mountain. Afternoon heat was unbearable, hot wind filled with dust and litter from surrounding added to misery. He stopped for some time under shadow of a tree. By now the heat was at its peak. Dust whirlwind gathered all around. The sky filled with dark clouds. Humidity, hot winds and heat made it pretty hard to walk further. He felt to let go and stop there itself. Due to such stormy weather, the village below and road traveled was also not visible. Somehow he kept on walking up the mountain. It started raining relieving him from the heat. The rain lashed heavily with thunderstorms. He kept moving up anyway, at a point he sat on big stone watching it rain over village and road he took.

Soon everything returned to normalcy as fast as it had turned ugly. It wasn’t raining, wind was almost at calm. He tried to drain away water from his shirt and jeans, and started walking up the mountain again. It felt pleasant and refreshing now, the journey which was started with lot of difficulty. He reached the peak, now picture from here was much clear, he could see the village, his road, the crematorium, that tree, the big rock he sat on. 

Everything was bright in sunshine again. Slow breeze did lighten the mood. This is what the enlightened must feel after overcoming their ignorance. 

He just sat there watching and being one with nature….


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