Turning point…

It’s not like he didn’t try to get rid of himself,

But it just keeps coming back,

It comes back just few minutes of alone time is enough,

And there it is, all the haunting thoughts.

He kept on running away from himself,

He even tried to kill him for the sake of peace,

But nothing works, just few minutes of lonely time,

And he is at bottom of the endless abyss all over again.

Days just pass by but he is still in that cafe figuring out what just happened, 

What did he just hear and that too from the person who promised to never leave him.

“I think it’ll be mistake to continue with this, I have feelings for someone else.”

Those were the exact words. 

He is still confused sitting alone in ghost cafe.

Still unable to kill that boy once for all.

I hope he does, I just hope he will find strength to do that.

After all she was the only person he ever loved so much to.

Hope he will understand he can’t catch on to everything in life.

It is hard.

I hope he will be able look forward after that big turn. I Hope.


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