Rene Descartes famously put, “I think, therefore I am.”
It is brilliant! Except, it somewhat contradicts with some concepts from Buddhism, which state something to the effect of “I am not my thought.”
These two concepts seem to contradict and much of the literature about consciousness seems to do so.

There is no firm agreement on why physical matter gave rise to this inner world that we live our lives immersed in.
So, the question is: will we ever answer the hard problems of consciousness? Can we study what we cannot measure?
How do we really measure consciousness? Is it the electricity between our neural synapses or the subjective perspective of being aware?

Ultimately, the question is unsolved. So, what does that mean for you and me? It means that we have to make a choice, to make a decision to believe in one way or another: We are all physical. We are all immaterial. We are neither one nor the other. We are both. That is Advaita!


7 thoughts on “Advaita…

    1. Yeah we are shaped by our thoughts but we are not our thoughts. There are thousands of thoughts going on in our mind continuously. Which of them is self? Thoughts shape us but we are not that. I’ll check it still. Thanks a lot. Glad that u liked it.

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      1. I’ve been reading a lot of literature recently on beliefs and how our beliefs and values drive behavior. Ultimately, persistent thoughts or thoughts with intense emotion form beliefs. Beliefs also give rise to thoughts, which in turn give rise to emotions. All of these three (beliefs, thoughts, feelings) then drive behavior (action), leading to results. Food for thought.

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