Through the present…

Past is endless spiral….

Future, a worrisome maze…

Sometimes past is like a maze…

Future, bleak darkness…

Sometimes past is like bleak darkness…

Future, tunnel with hope on the other side…

Maybe present is the dark, spiraling maze that connects the past and present…

And end of the tunnel is start to something else…

Waiting to be complete…

It was misty

It was drizzly

Dark clouds and

Sun engaged in ballet.

Cool breeze and

Thunders giving music to it.

The stage was green

With high ups and

Wide downs to it.

Contours of farm were

The stairs came from

The fog above

As if from the heaven.

Still something was missing

I thought.

Beauty can be

In being incomplete.

And then across the scene you arrived

On this metaphorical stage.

In this cold and wet being

It was your warmth that was missing.

You were the final stroke

To the canvas.

Still I thought

It was waiting to be complete

Was more satisfying

Than being complete.


Once someone had said to me that books affect our worldview. They change our thinking and opinion. So must be avoided.

I’m always glad I chose books over that person.

Alone and happy with books.

Knowledge is always better than people.

People may hurt you, deceive you, manipulate you.

But books will teach you,

Show you the way ahead in the journey called life.